Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: ten food-inspired color schemes

After finding COLOURlovers while researching for a previous Ten on Tuesday, I went back, registered, and starting playing around. Making and naming color palettes is addictive! If you "have a thing" for colors, you might enjoy it, too. Even if you aren't interested in making your own color schemes on the website, you can enjoy browsing those posted by others. Here are ten of my own creation:

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Food-Inspired Color Schemes

1. Neapolitan
Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Not only are they a classic flavor combination, but they also make a pretty sweet feast for the eyes.
2. Banana Split
Continuing with the ice cream theme. ;o) From the banana itself to the cherry on top. Just add in some vanilla/cream and you're good to go!
Banana Split
3. Spring Salad
After all that ice cream, it's time for something healthier. How about a nice salad? I like the contrast between leafy greens and tomatoes or radishes.
Spring Salad
4. Peas & Carrots
Peas, carrots. . . and maybe a little corn, too, if you like.
Peas & Carrots
5. Hot Dog
Start with a bun (toasty on the outside, lighter inside) and a wiener, the top with mustard and pickle relish (optional (g)).
Hot Dog
6. Girl's Birthday Cake
Back to the desserts! ;o) Of course birthday cakes come in as many colors as you can imagine. This is just one take on a girl's birthday cake. "My" girl is unicorn-obsessed, spends hours happily choosing just the right clothes for her dolls, and knows that pink and purple are the best colors in the whole wide world. Oh, and she loves chocolate cake. (Duh! (g))
Girl's Birthday Cake
7. Bacon & Eggs
Crispy bacon. . . Eggs made sunny-side-up. . . Breakfasty goodness!
Bacon & Eggs
8. Watermelon
Juicy, sweet-- summertime on the vine. Add a sprinkle of black seeds for variety.
9. Cantaloupe
Fresh from the garden and tasting of ripened sunshine and long summer twilights.
10. M&Ms
These colors are a flashback to the good old days (i.e. when I was a kid), back before the blue M&M had come along. Of course, back then, there was a tan M&M, too, but I was only allowed to pick five colors, so. . .

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