Wednesday, October 14, 2009

*A Charming Exchange* Charity Auction

(Where has half of October gone?! These days are flying by with unsettling rapidity. I meant to blog about this a couple of weeks ago, but better late than never. . .)

You may remember that I was so fortunate as to be included in A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects to Create & Share, by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae. (Or more precisely, some of my cupcake, cookie, and Pop-Tart charms were included in a couple of the totally "charming" projects in that gorgeous book.)

Well, this month Ruth and Kelly are auctioning off the pieces featured in the book-- and they're donating 100% of the proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It's a great cause, supporting research to find a cure for breast cancer (October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

If you're on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift or just want to treat yourself to something beautiful (and support a worthy cause at the same time), please take a moment to look at the auctions.

The Charming Exchange blog has all the information you need, as well as lots of tantalizing photos of the items up for bid. There are some lovely works of art just waiting for that lucky highest bidder. . .

We'd also appreciate it if you can spread the word to any friends who might be interested.

Thanks so much!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Changing Seasons

After a very brief taste of fall, earlier this month, we here on the Alabama Gulf Coast have been plunged back into a late, hot, humid summer. Relief is supposed to come next week. Until then, I'm staying in the A/C and pretending it's autumn. ;o)

This morning, Ponsawan's beautiful autumn-colored acorns were just the thing to help me pretend! These would be lovely in jewelry, of course, but I think they'd also be wonderful in a small bowl or worked into a flower arrangement or an autumn wreath. (Fall puts me in the nesting mood! How about you?)

(I know I've fallen back into silence-- yet again-- but I have at least one more post already in mind to write, so I'll probably be back later today. Maybe if I can get three in a row I'll pick up some momentum!)