Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Texture sheets on the cheap

While browsing a copy of Sarajane Helm's Create a Polymer Clay Impression, I found this nifty tip:

Use plastic placemats as texture sheets to texture polymer clay!

You know the kind-- those "fake lace" plastic placemats-- usually in white or ecru? Well, they would make great lacy textures on clay. They're so sturdy-- yet flexible and thin-- that they'd work great for clay. You could even cut them into strips to fit through the pasta machine! Similar plastic table cloths should work, too, but they're usually not as stiff/thick as the placemats.

In a similar vein, I suppose you could use plastic "doilies" to make lacy textures on clay, too-- though, because those have actual holes, they might be a bit messier to use than the placemats. You can always use a scrap of real lace, as well, but again, there's more potential for mess than with a plastic surface that can be wiped clean.

So now I need to be on the look-out for some cheap plastic placemats... ;o) I bet that's the kind of thing you can pick up for almost nothing at yard sales. Or if you know someone who uses them, just ask if she'll let you have her old ones when she buys a new set. Even if they're torn, there's probably still a perfectly good portion of the pattern big enough to use with clay.


treasurefield said...

I bought (a cheapy) one that is just tiny woven strips --a basketweave texture. Can't cut it apart to fit through the pasta machine because it would probably fray, but I can still use it for texture.

My sister gave me two of the lace ones to use in art projects, but the patterns are so great I can't bear to cut them up. They're hanging on the wall in my studio. LOL! Silly me! You might've just coaxed me into using them, though!

Michael said...

If you do work up the will to cut them up, I bet they'll make some great textures! Of course, if you can't bring yourself to do it ;o) you could always use an acrylic rod with them. Not quite as convenient as the pasta machine, but they'd still be in one piece... :o)