Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Faux Abalone

One day last week, I finally gave myself permission to try a project from one of my polymer clay books. I chose the faux abalone from Carol Blackburn's bead-maker's bible, Making Polymer Clay Beads. (So there won't be a tutorial for this one. )

I stuck pretty close to the instructions on this project, though I think I may have left off one or two of the colors of clay suggested, and since I didn't have abalone leaf/foil and was too lazy to try my own idea of using inks and paints to make my own "faux abalone leaf", I used plain composition gold leaf. I also used the abalone loaf a bit differently that suggested in the book. (I made sheets of my slices and cut them with shape cutters, rather than tearing the slices into pieces.)

I was pleased with the results. (Though now I can think of some things I should've done differently. Well, I'll just write down some notes for next time.)

Here's a photo of what I made with some of my faux abalone charms:

I also took this opportunity to try out one of the magnetic clasps I bought on sale a long while ago. I haven't decided if I like the magnetic clasp or not. I like the idea of it, because so often, putting on a bracelet without assistance is an exercise in futility. I'm just not convinced yet that this particular clasp is strong enough. . . and (as expected) when the clasp is open, the magnets want to stick to the chain and jump rings. I'll wear this one a while to test out the strength of the clasp.

If you're interested, there are a couple more photos of the faux abalone at my Flickr account.


treasurefield said...

Fantastic! (See my comments on your Flickr) ;)

KC said...

OOO Love it. Have you tried Faux Ivory? I just saw an episode of carol duvall where they did this and wanted to try it.

Michael said...

Thank you both! :o)

I tried faux ivory a long while ago-- one of my earliest projects. But I didn't do much with it, so I really need to try it again. I love the little animal pendants that people sometimes sculpt from faux ivory.

I saw that there's a faux ivory tutorial in Carol Blackburn's book, too, so maybe I'll give that one a try, one day. :o)

KC said...

I want to get some of these PC books. I guess I can wait till Christmas and gift myself from amazon. The sell too high around here in the craft stores.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Have you tried your local library system? It's not as nice as having the book "for keeps", but it's a good way to check them out and decide which ones you like best.

If not that, then maybe try to preview them at Amazon or Google Book Search.

Here's a link to what you get if you search Google Book Search for "polymer clay":

Jane said...

Oh, I just got this book and can see that I am going to have to try this technique today. NOW. It's just a fantastic book that is good for way more than just beadmaking. More. Way more. It's like a cookbook of easy techniques to achieve very complex and artistic ends. Thanks, these are gorgeous!