Thursday, October 25, 2007

Butterflies in Paper

I've linked before to the Geninne's Art Blog. She does beautiful things in a variety of media-- mostly paper and watercolors, but also collage, fabric/fiber, and rubber stamps. Yesterday, she shared a work in progress-- a 3-D display of butterflies in paper. It got me thinking. Why not do something similar in polymer clay? I don't know if I'll ever try it, but it'd be a neat idea for someone. You, maybe? ;o)


Christie said...

You know, I have seen TLS butterfly wings similar to that. I believe it was with a fairy wing/butterfly wing tutorial. It would definitely work for a faux butterfly display!

Michael said...

It could be very pretty, I'm sure. They could be made to look like real butterflies or like "fantasy" creatures, depending on personal preference. You could also put them on picks for floral displays (though then they'd have to be sturdy enough to be cleaned every so often, since they wouldn't be behind glass).