Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cupcakes Galore!

There are cupcakes galore in my clay room, right now! Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate-- purple, green, and pink-- glittered, "confettied" and candy-sprinkled!

And these are just the ones that are done. I have probably twice as many cupcake bases waiting for the cake, icing, and decorations. Waiting for me to get back into a cupcakey mood. (I must be due for one soon, it's been so long since the last one came and went.)

I've had these finished cupcakes sitting around for months. I thought about taking a photo of them now and then, but it was always a bad time-- insufficient lighting, usually, and me too lazy to set up some decent artificial light. So of course now that I finally decided to snap a photo, it didn't turn out that great, anyway. (g) Oh well. That'll give me more incentive to take some good photos soon.

. . . Maybe? ;o)


artandtea said...

Wow, your cupcakes are fabulous! They look so real. :-)

Marlou said...

these are amazing!!!! I bought air dry clay, can I achieve same results? would you mind letting me know I would be very grateful for your advice, thanks :)

Michael said...

Thank you both! :o)

Marlou, I have no experience with air dry clay, so I'm not really sure. I imagine you can get similar results on the cupcake base, the cake, and the "candy sprinkles". The frosting I'm not sure about. But you could use something else-- textural paint, maybe?-- for the icing.

I know that miniaturists sometimes use air dry clay to make realistic breads or cakes, but unfortunately I know nothing about the specific techniques. Good luck!

Fabio said...

they seems to be very tasty

Michael said...

Thanks, fabio!

Violettelafleur said...

I looooooooooove your cupcakes ;-)But you knwow it ;-) XX. Violette

treasurefield said...

Oh, how sweet!! hehe!
I clicked on the photo to enlarge and I believe I even *smelled* cupcakes! The look so real! What size are they? (I'm imagining a bunch on a bracelet...) :)

Michael said...

Thank you, both! :o)

They vary a bit from cupcake to cupcake, but most of them are less then 3/4 of an inch tall. I think they'd work on a bracelet, provided the wearer likes somewhat chunky charms. (g)

France said...

Hey! Thanks for linking to my blog on your amazing list of PC Blogs!!!
Your cupcakes make me hungry, and the buttons are really really nice!!!