Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: "Colorful" Links

This is one of those days when I haven't come to class prepared. ;o) During yesterday's free time, I felt more like making scrapbook pages than typing at the computer, so this morning I have to start from scratch-- not even an idea as a jumping-off point. Let's see if I can make it to ten before I give out. (g)

Ten on Tuesday: Ten "Colorful" Links

1. Lindly Talking Color-- Lindly Haunani's blog about polymer clay and color.

2. Smashing Color-- "Maggie Maggio's blog for the color curious" (including tutorials)

3. Maggie Maggio's Color Scales in Polymer Clay video tutorial. (There are also parts II and III.)

4. Polymer Clay Cyclopedia entry on color recipes and tips.

5. Here's something to look forward to! Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio are writing a book on polymer clay and color. It's due out about a year from now.

6. Color-related links collected by "beadyeyedbrat" (aka Tommie Howell). She has links to color recipe charts and more.

7. Here's an earlier post I wrote about places to find color inspiration.

8. Even though translucent clay starts out almost colorless, there's no reason it has to stay that way! ;o) One of my favorite things to do with clay is adding inclusions to translucent (or lightly tinted translucent) clay. (Here are a couple more related links, too.)

9. The Glass Attic page about color offers plenty of information on all aspects of color and polymer clay.

10. Betsy Baker (of Stonehouse Studio) wrote this interesting article for her blog after taking a class with Maggie Maggio. (Funny how a couple of names keep popping up in this list, isn't it? ;o) They're the acknowledged experts on teaching polymer clay in terms of color.)

Well, there they are-- all ten of them. And they even kinda sorta make sense as a group! ;o) (Well, maybe the inclusions link was a bit of a stretch. . .)

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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Cindy Lietz said...

That was pretty good for someone who was unprepared! Thank you for the links. Didn't know about the links page at beady-eyed-brat... that's going to come in handy!