Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hobby Snobbery

Donald and I were talking over the weekend about how funny it is that no matter what "subject" or hobby you choose-- no matter how obscure it may seem-- you always seem to find that there's already a "community" in place. Somewhere out there is a group of people with very strong opinions about the hobby, whatever it may be. And for some of these fanatics (for whom the flugelhorn or the knitting of leg warmers for dogs is serious business) it goes beyond strong opinion right into snobbery. (What?! You use acrylic novelty yarn to knit your canine leg warmers?! Disgusting! I use only the finest alpaca wool. Anything less makes me shudder just to think of touching. And besides, Fifi refuses to wear it if it's not $$$ Brand. She has such superior tastes-- even by poodle standards!)

Some people!
Give them anything and they'll find a way to make a competition-- a hierarchy-- an "if you don't do it like we do it, you're not cool" clique.

Thank goodness for us sane ones, right? ;o)


Elaine said...

hee... you're absolutely right! Though the example of leg warmers for poodles had me spitting coffee on my keyboard.

Michael said...

(g) Sorry about the keyboard damage. ;o)

I actually meant to post this to my other blog. (*blush*) Maybe it makes more sense here, anyway, since this is my personal "hobby blog".

It's high time I wrote a clay-related post for this blog...

Dana (*danavee*) said...

Ha ha! Guilty as charged! I just learned to crochet, and I REFUSE to use any of that "Pound of Love" lot-less crappy yarn that my mom insists on using.

But, on the other hand, I use Sculpey III (not even the new, designer sculpey), and I'm not apologizing to anybody for it, lol!

Anonymous said...

(it was just water on my keyboard, so it isnt damaged ;))
but thanks about post:)

Tina T. said...

Too funny!!! I needed a good laugh! :0)

inventivesoul said...

You are so awesome Michael!

This was such a funny and cool post!
I just got my copy of A Charming Exchange, and I think that your pieces are YUMMY!
They make my mouth water for SUGAR!!!
And your ooey gooey pizza charms on Etsy are AWESOME!
Amber Dawn

freebird said...

This wasn't supposed to be posted here? And I thought I'd found a good blog. If I'd waited till I could afford quality yarns to start knitting I'd still not be knitting! But I have had to defend myself from attacks from a lot of art snobs. Thanks for the posting. Good to know someone else thinks they're out there.