Friday, June 20, 2008

Testing the Waters. . . ;o)

It's been a while since I posted regularly here at my "mostly polymer clay" blog. Maybe it's time to stick a toe in the water and ease my way back into the blogging groove.

So to start things off, how about a couple of links?

I'm finally resigned to the fact that I can't keep up with all the great blogs out there. I'll try to read them as often as possible, but I'm sure to miss lots of things. Anyway, today I was catching up on a few blogs, when I came across Paula Pindroh's "documentary" of the sculpture of an unusual breed of dog-- the Chinese Crested. You can see more of her adorable dog sculptures in her Etsy shop.

I'm a dog lover, so how about another dog-related link? Here's another one from Etsy. IttyBittiesForYou (Jennifer) offers "Your Dog as a Superhero"-- a cute little sculpture of a masked, caped canine made in the likeness of your own pup. What a fun idea! (g)

Hee hee. That reminds me of "Bark Kent"-- a stuffed dog my youngest sister had. He was sewn in a lying-down position that was well suited to "flight", and well, you can guess the rest. ;o)

Well, I think this has helped get me back in the clay-postin' mood. I'm feeling hopeful, at least! :o)


Paula Pindroh said...

Aw, glad you liked my Chinese Crested! You've got a fun blog to read here :~)

Michael said...

Thanks! :o)