Friday, October 09, 2009

Changing Seasons

After a very brief taste of fall, earlier this month, we here on the Alabama Gulf Coast have been plunged back into a late, hot, humid summer. Relief is supposed to come next week. Until then, I'm staying in the A/C and pretending it's autumn. ;o)

This morning, Ponsawan's beautiful autumn-colored acorns were just the thing to help me pretend! These would be lovely in jewelry, of course, but I think they'd also be wonderful in a small bowl or worked into a flower arrangement or an autumn wreath. (Fall puts me in the nesting mood! How about you?)

(I know I've fallen back into silence-- yet again-- but I have at least one more post already in mind to write, so I'll probably be back later today. Maybe if I can get three in a row I'll pick up some momentum!)

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kay said...

Hello! I am fairly new to polymer clay and came across this blog via polymerclayweb. I have been enjoying reading the archives, and just wanted to say hello. :) I am also located in Alabama (Tuscaloosa) and about to be in my 30's as well. Nice to "meet" you! :D