Monday, March 12, 2007

I got feedback! Who could ask for anything more? ;o)

And it was positive, too!

My first customer never made a peep. Probably didn't think about it. I know the package arrived (thanks to the delivery confirmation thingy at, and I hope she was satisfied. Since she didn't complain, I'll assume she was.

But my second customer has left me a positive rating, which makes me happy. :o)

I kind of expected that she might, since I put in an extra little freebie along with her purchase. I had seen on her profile that she mentions she has twin girls, so I thought, "Maybe this is for one of her daughters..." and since I happened to have another (unlisted) item that was in the same style (and even had another kitten in it), I wrapped it up along with the other. And I must have been having a psychic moment ;o) because the feedback does in fact indicate that the pendant was for one of the twins, and now they both get one. :o)

So, anyway, yay for feedback. :o) And I'm glad that the pendants will have happy new owners, too.

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