Monday, March 05, 2007

Pirate Booty - coins and pendants

Today, I uploaded a little bit of pirate treasure to my Etsy shop and my photos at Flickr. Here's one photo of the silver-tone pendant I made last week:

I've also uploaded photos of a copper-tone one antiqued with verdigris, and there are photos of a gold-tone one I have yet to upload.

They're all made from the same mold-- a mold my husband carved himself for a tutorial at our clay website. The tutorial illustrates how to make a "pirate coin". I just took it a step further and turned the coin into a pendant/medallion.

I tried out a new finish on these coins-- matte instead of the high gloss I normally use. I think the matte is a vast improvement over the gloss-- at least, for things that don't look right with a high gloss. IMHO, the high gloss never has looked right on my "faux metal" pieces. They're simply too shiny with it. The matte doesn't 100% authentic, either, I think, but it's pretty good for things that must be sealed. (These medallion pendants have to be sealed because the rub-on wax would otherwise rub off on skin or clothes-- eek!)

Hm. The dryer's buzzing at me. Time to go...

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