Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baking mini cookies and generally keeping busy...

I spent part of this morning fixing up a "moderately huge" batch of ultra-mini cookie charms. I like to put a little something extra in the packages I send out, but sometimes I'm at a loss as to what to include. I mean, these things do take time to make. (g) So I decided to try and make up a whole bunch of little extras all at once. It still takes time, but it certainly helps to do them all at once-- almost an assembly line! ;o)

I've been keeping busy with various and sundry tasks-- including starting the book review section of PolymerClayWeb, working on a new tutorial for the same, and taking a couple of exciting (to me, at least) new custom orders. (I'll be sure to write about them once they're done-- sooner or later.) Then there are other things-- Mother's Day coming up, as well as my youngest sister's birthday and high school graduation-- all happening within a three-day period!

If I can make myself take the time to do it, I'm planning on putting an entry into this month's PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy) contest. The theme is multi-media, and it just so happens that the new tutorial I've been writing incorporates a couple of different media with polymer clay. The only bad part is that this project doesn't seem to photograph very well. Anyway, it's just for fun; if I do enter, this will be my very first polymer clay contest. :o)

Ok, "real life" is calling, in the form of the spaghetti supper that I'm supposed to be starting now. ;o) Hope everyone's having a pleasant beginning of May!

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