Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Clay sales this week (in the US)

In case you haven't heard, there are clay sales going on this week in two major chains of craft stores. Michaels has the 2-ounce blocks on sale 4 for $5. Hobby Lobby also has a sale going on their 2-ounce blocks of polymer clay-- .99 each. The fact that HL's sale is better than Michaels is something of a surprise to me, because since I've been involved with clay (a couple of years, now, I think), I haven't seen that happen before.

When the news of the 4 for $5 sale first came out at the Polymer Clay Central message board, there was some talk that this might be the new "best price" for clay. Prices do inevitably go up, over time, and clay is no exception. Also, someone had heard a rumor that the higher price might be linked to the availability of one of the "ingredients" that go into the clay.

Obviously, I don't know why the sale price isn't quite as good at Michaels this time around-- and I do realize that, over all, an extra .25 per block of clay isn't enough to keep me from claying-- but I'm still glad that Hobby Lobby's having a better sale this week, and I'm tempted to really stock up. If the story about the higher-priced ingredient is true, 99-cent sales may soon be a thing of the past...

Someone at PCC (not to mention my husband) commented that an extra quarter per block really isn't that bad, and that for those of us who sell things made from clay, the cost of the materials is nothing compared to the value of our time and labor. I know they're right, but it still hurts to think that the 99-cent sales might be history, soon. It'll take a while before $1.25 feels like the best possible deal, even if it is.

What a cry baby! ;o) I should just be glad that there's a good sale, make up my list, and thank my lucky stars that I have a husband who's happy to stop by the HL one day this week for me. What a great guy, huh? :o)


KC said...

Hi Michael, Thanx for putting me in your side, I will do same. :-)

The price of clay has gotten so bad... I just recently got into the clay thing, back in March. I went to AC Moore and the clay was only 1.25, ( sculpey III-- Fimo was 2.25) then suddenly in May it Jumped to 1.79...YIKES! I'm not sure but I think it may be 1.99 now. Last time I bought it , it was on sale so I really stocked up.
I like buying the bigger blocks, but they to have jumped in price by 2.50 cents....Man they can hurt a girl!

I am finding it appears cheaper to purchase the bigger blocks over the net.

Michael said...

Yeah, that may be true. The last time I checked, I think the lowest price I found was at the 99-cent sales. At the price, it's still cheaper than buying it by the pound on-line. But if the sale price goes up, it may be time to start ordering on-line...

The only time I've bought (non-liquid) clay on-line-- or in the pound bricks-- was when I needed Premo Frost (aka Bleached Translucent). Unless things have changed, that particular "color" isn't even available in the smaller blocks.

I generally prefer to purchase things in person, whenever possible. Buying clay on-line is probably fine, but I wonder how bad the shipping will be if you're ordering several pounds of clay? I'm also a little bit concerned about ordering it in the hottest time of the year. If my mail carrier were to leave the package outside this time of year... I would be very annoyed. (g)