Friday, June 01, 2007

My neglectful ways!

I've fallen back into neglecting my blog again! (Which is obvious, I guess, but I still feel as though I ought to somehow acknowledge my guilt. (g))

I'll try to do better, but old habits die hard! Most of the time, when I suddenly disappear, it's either because I'm busier than normal with other aspects of life or because I'm procrastinating and feel that I shouldn't allow myself to do "C" until I've completed "A" and "B". However, I've found that denying myself the chance to work on "C" doesn't really increase my diligence as regards items "A" and "B"-- so from now on, I might as well go for it! ;o)

So-- I finally finished the thing that was giving me such trouble, back when I was last writing here. It was a custom order-- a hushpuppy dipped in cheese. Even when I finally decided I'd done all I could and gave the customer the option to purchase or not, I still wasn't completely satisfied, myself. But oh well. I can only do my best, and for the time being, this was my best effort:

Fortunately, hushpuppies aren't likely to be requested again in the immediate future. ;o)

Now I need to make myself buckle down to the next project, which shouldn't be quite so difficult-- but I'd better not say that, because when I first got the request, I thought a hushpuppy would be fairly simple, too!


sadie pink said...

Wow! thats incredible! It really does look look like food. Awesome.

Michael said...

Thanks so much, Sue!

I really struggled with this one, so I'm happy to hear that it looks ok. (I've probably looked at it too much, myself, to view it objectively.)


the Crab said...

Stunning! Your work is awesome!!

Michael said...

Thank you, Andreanne! And thanks for commenting, so now I have another clay blog to add to my collection! ;o) Love your popsicles and ice creams!