Tuesday, June 12, 2007

So many blogs, so little time!!

I never realized until recently just how many clay-related blogs there are!

Christie suggested that I try Google Reader-- and so far, it does seem pretty useful!-- so I've been copying my "blog collection" over there. In the process, I've found several more interesting links (which I've been trying to keep updated here, too). Many of these blogs aren't in English-- lots of them are French, for instance-- but even if I can't understand exactly what they're saying all the time, I still enjoy the photos. (Of course, you can always try a translating program, but they leave something to be desired. Kind of like my high school French classes. )

Here are a few interesting things I found in the process of moving:

  • Les Bijoux de la Diva. If I'm not mistaken, she works in ceramics-- not polymer clay-- but I love the look of her work, and it should be possible to make polymer pendants that mimic glazed ceramics. It's one of the techniques I've been wanting to try-- putting a thin layer of tinted TLS onto a stamped (or otherwise textured) piece of clay, wiping away some of it so that "just enough" is there, and then curing the piece (and probably giving it a shiny finish).
  • Free miniature projects from Cotton Ridge Designs. There are miniature foods here, too-- like blueberry and cherry pie-- cakes-- sandwiches-- and more! The only catch-- these aren't "polymer-only" projects. In fact, I'm not sure if any of them use polymer clay... But they might still be interesting to miniaturists. (The best material for making the ultimate miniature is whatever works best-- not always polymer clay.) And for those of us who prefer to use clay, there are some nice photos and ideas that can be translated into pc.
  • Moon Pies Miniatures: Fimo food gallery. Lots of photos of wonderfully detailed miniature foods. Which reminds me, if I haven't already pointed fellow miniature food enthusiasts to Angie Scarr's page, I should do so now.
  • And there are more, but they'll have to wait!


contact said...

I'm very proud to see my name (Perlette) in your polymer clay blogs list !
I'm not enought fluente in english to understand all you are writting but I want to thank you for your interest in my "work"


nadege said...

yes a lot of french !
also i don't already understand the english blogs ! lol !

Michael said...

I'm glad to have found another great polymer clay blog! :o) And your English is better than my French. ;o)

See, there's another French blog (yours)! (g) Even if we can't always understand what people are writing about, we can appreciate the photos. :o)