Saturday, July 07, 2007

Donna Dewberry's invading my dreams!

And I don't even do that one-stroke painting thing, either! ;o)

As you may already know, there was a lot of talk, not so long ago, about Polyform's decision to create a polymer clay trainer certification program affiliated with Donna Dewberry (of One Stroke fame). Many people were up in arms over the news, afraid that... I'm not sure... it'd be an unfair challenge to established teachers/instructors? Hurt business (for those who sell their pc creations) by bringing in more competition? Somehow make it "mandatory" for instructors to be DD-certified if they want to be taken seriously by beginners? Whatever the source of their frustration, some people were upset. Others thought it could only help the medium by increasing its exposure and, in turn, its popularity and availability.

While I'm not crazy about the silly idea of DD suddenly becoming some sort of polymer clay expert, overnight, I tend to think that, if anything, it should have a positive effect-- that is, if it has much effect at all. And at this point, I'll only believe that when I see it! So far, I haven't seen or heard much more about the DD-pc connection, after the initial reaction from established clayers. Of course, the "regional trainer certification course" doesn't begin until mid October. (It was to begin this summer, but had to be rescheduled "due to dozens of calls in reference to summer time schedule conflicts".)

So, anyway, to get back to the subject of my title line... ;o)

Considering how little thought I've been giving the whole Donna Dewberry thing, imagine how surprised I was to find myself having a nightmare about her involvement with clay!

I was watching TV, and there was an infomercial for some sort of humongous new message board/on-line community hosted by the Michaels chain of stores. When I say "humongous", I mean that there were sections for practically every craft the store sells supplies for-- even very obscure ones-- all bright and shining and colorful. Very appealing. While I watched, there was a feature highlighting polymer clay, and who should be talking but Donna Dewberry herself, along with her daughter (who apparently was now in on the act, too) and some sort of host.

They were showing photos of clay projects (evidently from the Internet community)-- and among them was a photo of one of my mini burgers. (Well, it was my dream, you know! (g) It's a sad girl who can't get her work shown in her own dreams.) Having my clay burger on TV mightn't have been such a bad thing, if DD hadn't decided to then talk about how it was very bad practice to handle the clay too much, as the creator of this piece obviously had done. (!!) And then she went on to say that you really ought to do projects all at one time. If you did part of it, then left it for a while and came back to it, Bad Things would happen, such as the finished product not being very durable. The daugher was agreeing without question, while I shouted protests. "No! That's not true!! What are you talking about?! Argh!!"

And then, mercifully, I awoke. ;o)

So. Maybe I ought to rethink my former attitude of "DD + clay =/= The End of the Claying World as We Know It". . . (g) Either that or learn to keep my crazy dreams to myself. ;o)


KC said...

Best to avoid choc. Ice cream before bed..:-)

Christie said...

Ok, that was just FUNNY. :)

I recently had a dream with an online clay friend making a guest appearance. But my dream began to turn into the NC-17 type dream when I was awoke by a crying baby. LOL!

Michael said...

kc-- I'll keep that in mind the next time. ;o)

Christie-- Crying baby to the rescue! (g) Isn't it great when dreams take you down some *weird* path like that? ;o)