Sunday, July 15, 2007

Updates to Polymer Clay Web

I'm finally learning how to update Polymer Clay Web all on my own, rather than just working on the copy and waiting until my husband has a chance to build the corresponding pages. (I mean, he is a web designer, but even web designers need a break sometime, right? ;o)) I find that the "new to me" programs I'm using aren't really all that more complicated than the ones I've been using for a few years, which is reassuring. I hope my new gain in computer confidence will lead to a steadier flow of additions and improvements to the page, in the near future. :o)

Speaking of additions, there's a new tutorial up-- Marble Picture Pendants.

The basic idea behind the tutorial isn't very complicated, and even someone completely new to clay should have no trouble with it. (If you do, though, there's a thread in the forum where you can ask for help. Now that I'm going to stop ignoring the forum, that is...) With this method, even those who are too scared of (or confused by) image transfers to attempt them, yet, can take a photo or "found image" and turn it into a little pendant.


KC said...

Great a New Place for PC Techniques.I am always looking to learning more. Some of the places I go to seem to be obsolete, (Haven't been updated in a long while) I kinda feel like I missed the boat.

NOW... I don't know if it is the page or the way my browser is reading it ( I use Firefox) but on your pages some of the title banners look off..? Like Squished. Im looking at the tutorial banner and it is squeezed down... Hope this helps.... Lucky you having a husband who is a web designer....

Michael said...

Yeah, I, too, have found some sites that don't seem to have updated in a while, but at least most techniques are still useful, no matter how long they've been around. I think I know of a few places that are still putting up new techniques from time to time. I'll have to get together a short list, sometime.

Hm. I asked my husband about that "squishing" problem, and he's not sure why that's happening. We have the latest version of Firefox, and there are no problems with that version, as far as we can tell. Do you use a Mac, by any chance?

Yes, having a web designer husband is pretty helpful-- only I hate to give him any extra "assignments", considering how much time he already spends on the computer, both at work and as a freelance designer at home! Sometimes I feel like I hardly ever see him, as it is! ;o)

KC said...

Yes I still go to the old haunts, because I can always improve, and there are still a lot of things I cannot do. But having a place that is still alive is good when you need help or have questions.

Nope I use windows. 98 version. My daughter uses the XP ( i hate it) I will take a look at it( the banner) when I go upstairs on her PC, and see if it is the same, she also uses firefox.

I understand the Husband thing. It would be great for you, in that he can teach you. I tried to learn all this and it was worse then learning a new language...LOL.... I know enough to put up a page using an editor, but don't ask me to write out all those commands long hand......
Did I tell you how many times my blog pages got messed up...? HAHAHAHAHA