Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Or, a group of lil' tidbits from here and there. ;o)


Something I learned from Polymer Clay Daily today: PVC is banned in Asia, so air-dry clay is more commonly used there. I had no idea! I wonder why... Safety issues of some sort?


Something else from PCD: a link to a new (to me) clayer: Lesska's flickr photos. I love her style! So pretty! Many of her pieces remind me of the shapes and layering technique demonstrated in this tutorial (and this one, too, actually-- and the faux opal pieces in the gallery, as well) by Donna Kato-- only with different media added in and a more organic tone.


A while back-- a fairly long while back-- I wrote about how some of the clay I'd tinted with alcohol ink had experienced a color shift during curing. Well, I came across something related to that, today. Libzoid wrote recently about five of her favorite inks and paints to use with polymer clay. (Yay! Another ink and paint fanatic!) She mentions that the pink and magenta colors can shift to "a shocking neon pink".

Now, what I'd noticed (albeit in just that one instance) was a tendency for the cured yellow to shift to a slightly orangey gold, and the pinks to shift to a pinkish orange. That entry got a comment from Becks, who'd also had problems with the yellow and chile peper Pinata inks tending toward orange in a project including silver leaf and liquid Kato. Not quite the same results as Libby reports, but still interesting.


Ok, enough for now. I have to go phone the vet's office to schedule an appointment for one of my dogs-- Daisy the Eskie. She's been on phenobarbital for almost a month, now, so it's time to check her levels. If I'm lucky, they'll be fine and she can stay on this dosage. If not, then it's a new prescription and back to the vet again, until they get the dosage right. It's kind of a pain-- especially considering that she's not one of those dogs who "never met a stranger"-- heck, her being a typical "reserved" Eskie, sometimes she treats even people who aren't strangers with an insulting degree of suspicion-- but at least the medicine seems to have reduced her epileptic fits.

Dogs-- a whole lot of trouble, sometimes, but I guess they're worth it. ;o)

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