Friday, December 28, 2007

Faux Barbed Wire

Have you seen Camille Young's latest entry on how to make faux barbed wire using craft wire, jewelry wire and Lumina clay?

It really does look like barbed wire!

I don't know much about Lumina. From what I've read online, I gather that it's no-bake (air dry), remains flexible after drying, and is waterproof-- or is it just "water resistant"? In any case, I'm not sure how well polymer could perform in the place of Lumina, for this type of technique. . . I know that the bendable polymer clay, even when cured, is still flexible enough to be woven into baskets-- but it wouldn't hold the shape of the "barbs" on its own, would it? How would it work if cured over wire? Would it bend without breaking, if you tried to bend it after curing, or would you have better luck getting it into the barb shapes before curing?

Just some thoughts. . . :o)

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