Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: Winter-Inspired Color Schemes

I'm taking it a little easy this week. (I've got things to do around the house and at the clay table! (g)) Just for a little fun, I revisited ColourLovers came up with this week's list. . .

Ten on Tuesday: Winter-Inspired Color Schemes:

1. Norwegian Lake
When I think of winter, one of the first things to come to mind is snow. That reminded me of the snow we saw this summer in Norway, so I decided to play around with that idea.
Norwegian Lake
My first try didn't quite capture the feeling I was going for, so I gave it another try:
Norwegian Lake II

2. Ice Cave
While looking for inspiration photos, I came across one of an ice cave. The beautiful aquas in the ice surprised me. I had forgotten that ice can be aqua, because I generally associate that color with warmer climates. I guess it can "do" for both!
Ice Cave
Ice Cave II

3. Snowy Birches
Thinking about Norway reminded me of Sweden and a couple of macros I took of birch bark. Those birches weren't snowy when I saw them, but I imagined they'd be lovely in snow-- the cream and grey (with just a bit of brown) against the white. . .
Snowy Birches

4. Snowless Winter
Despite all this talk of snow, I really haven't seen that much of it, myself. Where I live, near the Gulf of Mexico, we don't get snow very often. So that made me think of a "snowless winter" as a theme. . .
Snowless Winter

5. Winter Sunset / Winter Twilight
I know I'm not alone in feeling that sunset (and the twilight that follows) is a magical hour. It's the end of a winter's day. The still, silent air is cold-- maybe even a bit damp. You know you probably shouldn't stay out much longer, but those colors in the sky!
Winter Sunset
Winter Twilight

6. Glowing Embers
After being out on a cold evening, it's nice to warm up again. While nothing's so merry as a blazing, crackling fire, the hypnotic glow of embers is also inviting.
Glowing Embers
Embers II

7. Christmas
I can't think of winter without thinking also of Christmas. I made a few different Christmas-themed palettes-- and then I found one I'd already made that could also pass (with a shove) as "Christmasy":
Retro Christmas
Herbal Christmas
Victorian Christmas
Refined, Restrained
And then Christmas made me think of toys, so. . .
Vintage Toys

8. Winter's Night
Just a couple of palettes inspired by the idea of a wintery night. . .
Winter's Night
Winter's Night II

9. Tartan
Thinking of cold makes me think of scarves, which makes me think of plaid/tartan. . .
Basic Tartan
Iowa Tartan
Louisiana Tartan
N. Carolina Tartan

10. Happy New Year!

Festive color schemes based on celebrations of the new year:
Chinese New Year
Fizzy Bubbles
Little Black Dress

Have a great Tuesday! :o)


Deabusamor said...

Snowy Birches and Fizzy Bubbles are so striking...I might just have to incorporate those schemes in my work.

I keep forgetting to register with that color site you use though you posted a link to it weeks and weeks ago!


Michael said...

If you do, I'll be interested to see what you come up with. :o)

It's a fun place to play around. There are other similar sites, too, I'm sure. :o)

Deabusamor said...

It's all your fault!


Hehehe....you're awesome!