Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We're having trouble with our internet connection, so until that gets cleared up, I may be quieter than usual. (Not that I've been all that chatty, lately, anyway, (g)) I have a connection today, but there was almost none yesterday. (Thus the absence of yesterday's Ten on Tuesday.) I hope things will be worked out before too long, though, and I should definitely have a post up next Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you haven't already seen them, here are a few blog entries I'd like to suggest:
  • Angela (CraftyGoat) has been writing a lot about tools and materials, lately. There are a couple of recent entries about repurposed tools (pumice stone and herb mincer) and one on using scrapbooking supplies with polymer clay. Angela's blog led to my next link. . .
  • Lisa (from Polka Dot Creations) gave readers a peek at some of her handmade tools, including a nifty idea for a button hole placer.
  • Elaine (TooAquarius) was inspired by Lisa's blog to share her idea for a handmade baking rack.
Lots of great ideas for handmade and "found" tools! More things to add to your polymer clay wish list! ;o)

I need to catch up on my blog-reading so I don't miss out on all this good stuff!

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Angela M. said...

Thanks for the link, Michael. Sorry to hear you're having connection issues -- I hope everything gets worked out soon.

I always enjoy your posts, so I'll look forward your next Ten -- regardless of whether ya post it on Tuesday, Thursday, or tSaturday! ;-)