Friday, February 08, 2008

Polymer Clay Blogs

I'm rearranging my blog a little bit, today. My list of polymer clay-related blogs (formerly to the right) was taking up so much room that I decided to move it all into a single blog post. I'll put a link to this post over there, instead. :o)

I never use this list, these days, anyway, since I subscribed to them all over at my Google Reader account. This list is missing some of the blogs I discovered more recently, but it'd probably be a huge pain to figure out which ones aren't included here, so I make no promises to fix that. (g)

If you have a polymer clay-related blog (or know of one) that's not included, please feel free to comment. I'm always happy to add to my list, even if it takes me months (or years (g)) to catch up on my blog-reading. :o)

  • Ali di Libellula

  • All Things Metal Clay

  • Amanada's Musings

  • Ann de Rodegain Digne Dingue Donc

  • Art for the Heart

  • Artrepreneur

  • Artsy Clay

  • au fil de pates

  • Avec des Couleurs de l'Imagination

  • beadworx

  • block party press

  • Camille Young

  • C.A. Therien

  • Celine Passion

  • Chez Tulipesvertes

  • Clay Happenings

  • Crafts by Chris

  • CraftyGoat's Notes

  • Crafty Redhead

  • Créaprovence Création

  • Crearti

  • Créations MHB

  • Créations Rue Fédor

  • Creative Connections

  • Cristalline

  • dAmARa adalah

  • Desert Designs by Barbara

  • Des Nouvelles des Etoiles

  • domicreative

  • Dragonsglass

  • Du côte de chez moi

  • Dulcebella's Design

  • EdelWeiSS CréaTioN

  • Eliz'art

  • Enkhene

  • Ethno-Polymère

  • Eugena's Creations

  • Evarmonie

  • Facéties de Perles


  • Hardflower Studios

  • heurebleue

  • Hidden Missives

  • Humblebeads Blog

  • Imagine Uncommon Things

  • Jael's Jewels Blog

  • Just Me and My Creations

  • Karina's blog

  • KC's Krafting Korner

  • KIWI Handmade

  • La Mélancolie du Caméléon

  • L'atelier de Trukabul

  • Laura's Blog

  • Le Blog de Dodo

  • Le Blog de Flo

  • Le Blog de Lilli Prune

  • Le Blog de Mamezelle Cat

  • Le Blog de Marie

  • Le Blog de Palatena

  • Le Blog de RERE

  • Le Laboratoire de Melle Cookie

  • Le Monde de Sysyl

  • Les Bidules de Sofie

  • Les Bijou d'Alienor

  • Les Bijou d'Edith

  • Les Bijou de Perlchen

  • Les Créations de Miss Zabeth

  • Les Fimoteries de Maniguette

  • Les Frivolités de Caty

  • Les Petites Manies de Sarajana

  • Les Petit Monde de Stéphanie

  • Libzoid

  • Lindly Talking Color

  • Liquorice Allosaurus

  • Made in Sassenage

  • Madeleine Songe

  • Many Parts

  • Mariane.S

  • Mill Girl

  • .:minicaretti:.

  • Molymer Clay

  • Mosaico

  • My Life with Polymer Clay

  • Mystical Ring

  • My Sweet Little Corner

  • NanjoDogz

  • Objets d'emotion

  • Oolong's Zoo

  • Overstimulated Undercaffeinated

  • Parole de Pâte

  • Pearls of Whimsy

  • Peguintrax's World of Whimsy

  • Perlenküche

  • Perlette

  • Petits Doigt Magik

  • Petit Poucet

  • Philadelphia Area PC Guild Reporter

  • Polka Dot Creations Blog

  • polyblog

  • PolyCréations

  • Polymer & Fimo Clay News @ CraftGossip

  • Polymer and Prints

  • Polymer Clay Bytes!

  • Polymer Clay Daily

  • PolymerClayFimo

  • Polymer Clay Notes

  • Polymer Clay Wizard

  • Polymeri Online - Iris Mishly

  • polymermania

  • Polymer Paula

  • Polymers et Oceans

  • Ponsawan's Tutorial Blog

  • P'tits Cailloux

  • Queen of Clay

  • Quilted in Clay Rambles

  • Red Daisy's Designs

  • Scott's Place

  • Sevy Création

  • Silastones

  • Small Stuff of Mine

  • Smashing Color: Maggie Maggio

  • SOHO Beads

  • Stef Créations

  • Studio Bijou

  • TADworks

  • Tatsuko

  • Tejae's Art

  • Tewee

  • The Crab

  • Tina T.'s Polymer Clay

  • Too Aquarius

  • Too Much Time

  • Tranche de Cane

  • Treasurefield

  • Violettafleur

  • Wanda's Designs

  • Wes Warren's Polymer Clay Garage

    Polka Dot Creations said...

    Thanks for including me :-)

    Did you know that Google Reader has a great way for you to share a blogroll of what you're currently subscribed to? If you have all of your clay-related subscriptions in a "clay" folder, you can choose to share that folder, get the blogroll code, and add it to your sidebar. Then, whenever you add a subscription to that folder it will automatically be updated on your blog's sidebar.

    It's under Settings -> tags -> add a blogroll to your site.

    Michael said...

    Thanks, Lisa!

    I wondered there might be a way to do that, but I was too lazy-- er, *busy* ;o)-- to look into it. Thanks for explaining how it's done!

    RG Creations said...

    I enjoy your blog very much and
    I just started a new polymer clay related blog:

    kozelova for geishastyle said...

    hey, I am joining. Great blog you have, lots of information and inspiration. I especially enjoyed transculant clay posts. Lots of enthusiasm and good fortune to you and your loved ones. K

    Anonymous said...

    Great to see another polymer blog...I want to read more...! Kylee

    Nissa said...

    Hi the welcome message. It's SO true!

    Check my blog. If you want, you don't have to...


    Sarvesh Bagla said...

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    Cristina Silva said...

    this is great! thanks for sharing all these polymer clay blogs.
    Here is another one if you want add to your list
    See you

    CutesyCharm said...

    Thanks for sharing the polymer clay blogs. My site isn't necessarily a polymer clay one, but I do feature wonderful poly-clay artists! I would love to learn more about other artists and support them as well.

    Regina said...

    Hi's always nice to find fellow clay artist...especially ones in Alabama. Sometimes I think I live here all alone...LOL!!!! I've been an artist all my life...I started using clay about 10 years ago in my art. I have a blog that I would love for you to visit....I post a bit of this and that....ooaks, Old Southern remedies, clay tuts...just know enough to be very dangerous!! Come and take a peek when you get a minute or two. Hugs, Regi

    Robin said...


    Anonymous said...

    i love your blog ! u should check out
    its pretty cool too.

    Cindy Dowdle-Schoen said...

    I've re-stumbled upon your blog and saw this post... I thought I would add my blog to your list if I may?

    My blog name is Purple Froggie Clay Stuff. Featuring.. you guessed it, mine and other's Polymer clay creations.

    Here is a clickable link you can use. Purple Froggie Clay Stuff

    I hope that you have a fun but safe New Year.

    Thank you!


    Anonymous said...

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    I find the site honey bee soy polyols interesting.

    KatersAcres said...

    You can feel free to link my polymer clay blog / website as well.

    Belinda Ferrell said...

    I have a polymer clay blog Its about sculpting ooak art dolls you can add mine if you like

    Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Anonymous said...

    Hi... I left I comment couple days back and then I deleted for a silly mistake I made. You see, in the comment I basically introduced my blog. I started the comment off by saying "Hi Lisa", for some weird reason I thought the author of this blog was named Lisa (I apologize for that, Michael.)I think it was because I read a comment that stated "Thanks Lisa". I apologize for this misunderstanding and mistake. I just felt the need to clarify the reason I deleted my comment! If any of you would like to visit my blog, feel free! I post multiple craft things, since my blog is about "Arts and Crafts" which I am very passionate about! I post things based on the schedule I made. Each day is a different craft. Friday is the day I post Polymer Clay things!