Friday, February 08, 2008

Studio Friday: The Heart of My Studio

Here's this week's prompt for Studio Friday:

"Where or what is the heart of your studio/creative space? Is it your desk or maybe a special piece of furniture, a window, a piece of art on the wall, your idea board, or one of your tools, a jar with ribbons on the shelf...? "

Part of me feels like the heart of my studio/craft room should be something "deeper"-- more meaningful, somehow-- than simply where I spend the most time when I'm there. . . But when I stood in the room and looked around, nothing really jumped out at me. My supplies are important, of course, but there are so many of them-- and they're so dispersed across the room-- that to say that my supplies are the heart of the room would be like saying the whole room is one big heart. (g)

I don't really have a "mascot" of any sort, either-- no muse-- no object that is my all-of-the-time inspiration source. I have an inspiration board, but honestly, I rarely touch it. I like to look at it from time to time, but it's more of a wall decoration than a constantly-changing canvas. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, it's just me in a room full of craft supplies and the things I've created. (And quite a few books of sheet music, too, but mostly I just ignore them. ;o))

So I decided to be prosaic and say that the heart of my studio is where I do the work. Whether I'm claying, sewing, stringing beads, or scrapbooking, 99.9% of my time in this room is spent with my derrière settled on one of two identical chairs, such as the one pictured below:

(Notice how I tried to make it seem a little more artistic by getting down on the floor to snap the photo? ;o) Did it work?)

There's nothing inherently special about these chairs. They're just decently comfortable pieces of furniture. They came to me from my parents' house; I grew up sitting in these chairs. (Back then, they hadn't yet made the transformation from stained wood to aqua.) I didn't even make the strawberry-print cushions myself. They're hand-me-downs from my grandmother-- but they're comfy, and they serve the purpose.

Practicality with a dash of fun (aqua and strawberries)-- I think I can live with that as the "heart" of my room.


While looking at others' submissions for SF, I found a link to a very impressive studio. The colors are so beautifully soft-- but also playful. I love the green island.

Though I certainly don't need a room like that in order to create, a room like that sure is pretty to look at!


Anonymous said...

looks like a very comfortable work chair. I love that colour its painted!!

Krissie said...

hey that wasnt anonymous that was me commenting above!! lol!!

diane said...

Such a pretty chair. And yes- i appreciated the artsy camera angle!

And thanks to the link to that adorable studio. It made me want some sherbet in a pretty colour.

Michael said...

Thanks, krissie and diane!