Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Mask-Related Links

Apart from being "Super Tuesday", today is also Mardi Gras (aka "Shrove Tuesday" or "Fat Tuesday"). It's the last big hurrah before Lent, and here along the Gulf Coast, there will be plenty of celebrating going on today. There will be jazz music in the air (along with moonpies, beads, and other trinkets), purple, green, and gold everywhere, extravagant costumes, and parades meandering their way over city streets. There will also be lots of masks.

In honor of Mardi Gras, then, I bring you ten links relating to polymer clay masks. Maybe they'll inspire you to try making a mask of your own, whether to wear or to decorate your home-- or both!

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Mask-Related Links

1. Saltandpaper/Natalie's Octopus Mask is a fine example of how some creative thinking can lead to an unexpected mask. Hallowed-Mask, by Michelle of Gabriel Studios, is another opera mask with a very unique form.

2. Polymer Clay Tribal Mask Pendant, by Debra of DSDesigns. Photo of a mask-shaped pendant that has a great metallic finish. She has many more photos of mask-themed pieces, so be sure to browse!

3. For a change of pace, visit TheoJunior's Flickr photostream, where you'll find unusual (and often disturbing (g)) faces/masks, such as Maori Mask.

4. Check out the mask gallery on Linda Weeks' website. (There's even one with a Mardi Gras theme!)

5. Michelle Davis Petelinz's masks, such as Matuko, are designed to be wall art. Some of them have a coordinating shadowbox; others in her photostream are attached to panels for display.

6. DIY hosts Anne Igou's tutorial for a Polymer Clay Mask, originally shown on Craft Lab.

7. Anne Igou's Leaf Mask tutorial was originally aired on the Carol Duvall Show.

8. Here's yet another tutorial by Anne Igou, this time for a Polymer Clay Mask Barrette, originally on DIY's Jewelry Making.

9. If you liked her mask tutorials (above), then check out the gallery of maskwork on Anne Igou's personal website.

10. Sarajane Helm's website offers some pages devoted to polymer clay masks-- both full size and miniature. (Please note that there are links to more mask-related pages, at the bottom of that first page.) In case you haven't heard, Sarajane has a book coming out this summer-- The Art of Polymer Clay Masks.

If you're still hungry for more photos of masks, search Flickr for "polymer mask". You'll find all the photos and artists I simply couldn't fit into my little list of ten. :o)

Happy Tuesday, everyone, and laissez les bons temps rouler! ;o)


Michelle said...

Thanks for including me in your list of ten...I'm honored that you chose Matuko; she's one of my favorites in my Ancestress Series.
I was familiar with a few of my fellow artists, and enjoyed viewing the work of those I didn't know. Thanks for the great post!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comment!

I enjoyed browsing the photos of your work. :o) There are so many talented polymer clay artists on flickr!