Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: Mosaics

Since ancient times, mosaics have been used to beautify the halls and temples men have built. Small pieces of stone, glass or other materials were painstakingly, strategically set in place to reveal a larger collective pattern or image. The art of mosaic design survives today, and for years, polymer clay artists have been getting in on the fun.

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Links Relating to Polymer Clay Mosaics

1. Polymer Clay Mosaic Tabletop, by Laurie Mika. Tutorial.

2. Polymer Clay Mosaics photoset, by salbug00. Photos.

3. Polymer Clay Mosaic Pendant, by DSDesigns (Debra). Photo.

4. Polymer Clay Mosaic Book (Cover), by Lisa Pavelka. Tutorial.

5. Freestyle Coaster Project, by Tina Barnes. Tutorial.

6. Create Mosaic Pendant, by Julie. Photo.

7. Liquid Clay Mosaics, by Karen Mitchell. Tutorial.

8. Mosaic Mirrors photoset, by Irma G. Photos.

9. Google BookSearch Excerpt from Totally Cool Polymer Clay Projects, by Marie Browning.

10. Here are a few more books worth checking out if you have an interest in polymer clay mosaics: Polymer Clay Mosaics, by Sue Heaser, Polymer Clay Mosaics, by Krista Wells, and Mixed Media Mosaics, by Laurie Mika.

Don't have the patience for mosaics? ;o) Here's Elissa Powell's Mosaic Cane Tutorial for a "mosaic-like" look without all the little bits and pieces.

Or you could do a "faux mosaic" like you see in this video by CandyFimoWebTR. Okay, technically, it is a mosaic, but most of the "tiny pieces" are simulated by filling in carved lines with grout. (You could also use opaque liquid clay or extremely softened regular polymer clay, in place of grout.)

Whether you tend toward the "shortcut" methods linked above or are inspired to try a time-consuming micro-mosaic à la Cynthia Toops, polymer clay is perfect for using in the mosaic design of your choice.

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