Monday, February 26, 2007

Bilar -- aka "car candy"

I think I mentioned that I'd made my candy-loving husband a cell phone ornament? Using polymer clay replicas of his favorite candy, Bilar? Well, even if I didn't before, I have now. ;o)

The candy is Ahlgrens Bilar-- a Swedish candy, so I doubt many non-Swedes have seen/eaten them. However, I think they do carry them in some IKEAs, so maybe... Anyway, they're marshmallowy candies in white, pale green, and light pink, all in the shapes of... well, they claim that they're car shaped, but you really have to use your imagination to see the car. (g)

In the photo below, the three to the left are the real candies. the other three (yeah, the ones with metal loops sticking out of them (g)) are the polymer clay version.

I think the shapes turned out pretty well-- maybe a bit too big, some of them, but not too far off. The colors were a mixed bag. I think they white and pink turned out pretty well-- though now that I see them compared with the "real thing", I can see that the pink was a bit too peachy/flesh-colored, but oh well. The green one was much closer to the actual color prior to baking, but because it had too much translucent in it, the color changed during curing. Overall, not bad, but the could use a little tweaking. However, since I doubt these would be in high demand, what with the rarity of the candy (outside of Sweden), I don't think I'll bother making more right now.

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