Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stamped mokume gane

I finally got around to taking and uploading some photos of my attempts at stamped mokume gane (aka ghost image mokume gane, according to me, at least). I think I've already mentioned how some of these have bumps from air that was trapped under the clay (somehow). I also had trouble photographing these. I think I've figured out a couple of ways to remedy this-- take photos on something other than black-- or maybe try both and see which works better-- and take at least one photo without the "diffuser". Taking away the diffuser allows some of the shine to show, which gives a more accurate picture, I think.

Anyway, here are the photos I took before I learned these valuable lessons. ;o)

The colors are a little off on some of them. I took some better photos of the butterfly pendant, which I have listed at my Etsy store. You can go there to see a few different views of it.


tomoko said...

Hi Michael- I tracked back to this site from the kind comment you left me. I'm enjoying your blog! I like that you are trying different techniques. I'm learning how amazing polymer clay really is...

btw your celtic pendant on etsy is gorgeous!

Michael said...

Thanks so much, tomoko!

Yes, I too am amazed at the variety of techniques that artists have developed and adapted for polymer clay. The possibilities seem endless!