Monday, February 26, 2007

Found some new blogs!

I've been editing my blogroll a bit over the past few days. I deleted one, I think, because I noticed that it hadn't been updated in over a year, but mostly I've been adding new ones that I somehow missed when I first made my list.

It's amazing how many blogs there are out there, and that I can actually find so many dealing with polymer clay as a (more or less) primary subject!

Here are a few of the blogs that are new on my list:

CraftyGoat's Notes-- Interesting projects, and there's a "tips and techniques" section that could be helpful.

Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy Blog-- I'm a member of the guild, now, so I'm curious to see how this develops. It hasn't been around for long, but someone's already gotten together a project in which members donate pendants that will go to a charity.

Laura's Blog-- Not "polymer clay only", but still. Some of her other interests seem...well, interesting... too.

Wanda's Designs-- I've seen photos of her teapots before, but didn't know she had a blog. The pots are lots of fun to look at, and she uses so many techniques on them that I find myself inspired to try something new, too, while I admire them.

Karina's Blog-- I've seen her around the PCC forums and Flickr for a while, but never knew she had a blog.

Polymer Paula-- She makes illustrations with polymer clay-- and some gorgeous cookies, too.

Ha! While skipping from link to link from some of these blogs, I've come across still more I want to add to my list! But that'll have to wait until later. Even polymer clay-obsessed individuals must wash dishes sometimes. ;o)

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