Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Made my first sale!

Last week, I had an "almost" sale at Etsy. Someone convo'd me about a mini cookie pendant. She wanted it sent to a country I hadn't figured postage for (so far, I only list postages for the US and Canada, with the offer to calculate it on an individual basis for customers in other countries), and asked me to charge her account through Paypal. I could have done that, I guess, but I preferred to have her buy it through Etsy. Partly because Etsy probably doesn't like it when you "bypass" them that way-- partly because I really need some positive feedback to encourage others to buy from me. Anyway, I figured the postage, added her country to the item (so she could order it directly through Etsy), and convo'd her back, but she hasn't replied. :o( I suppose she either forgot about it, changed her mind, or never got my message.

Oh well! I guess that sort of thing is bound to happen from time to time, and I'm somewhat less disappointed now, because I've sold a different item. :o) The payment came through yesterday, and I put the package in the mail this morning, so now I'm just waiting to hear that she's received it.

I'm a little bit nervous that something will go wrong yet! There's not much that could go wrong. Either the package could be lost or damaged in the mail, or she might get the earrings and think they look worse in person than they did in my photographs. Either of those things would be horrible, but there's no reason to expect catastrophe. Still, I'll breathe easier when I know the package has arrived safely... and it would be nice if she left a positive rating of the transaction, too. (g) I went ahead and left some positive feedback for her, so maybe that will remind her to return the favor, assuming that she's satisfied with the earrings.

So, my first sale. Yay! :o)


Dragon Whimsy said...

Being nervous about something going wrong-- I know just what you mean! I haven't sold anything on Etsy yet, but I've sold things on eBay before. I feel tense every time I send something in the mail to a paying customer, and pray that they get their item safely and in one piece.

Just discovered you on the PCAGOE Flickr site. You got some nifty stuff, and your cookie pendants are torturing me. :)

Michael said...

I have a feeling that nervousness will probably be there no matter how many times we ship things to paying customers! (g) But I do hope it will get somewhat better with time-- assuming that there will be more sales in the future, of course. ;o)

Thanks (about the cookies and things)! Your house dragons are cute. :o) I really like the pose and expression on the green sitting dragon. :o)