Sunday, January 20, 2008

Clay sales this week!

Just a quick notice for those with Michaels or Hobby Lobby stores nearby--

Both places have polymer clay on sale this week. The standard 2-ounce blocks will be $1 at Michaels and 99 cents at Hobby Lobby. (Kato brand isn't included in the sale, though. I guess that would be too much to hope for, considering that the blocks are bigger.)

I need to look through my stash and see if I'm running low on anything. . .

To jump back to the subject of the new brand of clay-- my sweet husband checked for me at the JoAnn store in Mobile. He didn't see any Studio by Sculpey-- clay or tools. I'm not surprised, as that store's pretty small, and the clay department is fairly sparse to begin with. Still haven't checked Pensacola. I think it's a bigger store, so maybe they'll (eventually) stock the new stuff. However, I hardly ever go to P'cola these days-- too many traffic nightmares and I don't really know my way around town that well. Wouldn't want to make a special trip without knowing, but I guess I could try to call and see if they have it. Either that or order it online, one of these days.

Heaven knows I have enough craft supplies already to keep me busy in the meantime. ;o)


rpm said...

Hey Michael, I was in the store in P'cola on Friday and I did not see the Studio products. But you might call and see if they do have it and I just missed it but I did look. This is on the over of the "Creative University" handout that I got when there.

"Sculpy Studio by Donna Dewberry:
Donna Dewberry's artistic designs and techniques make it simple to create today's newest home decor items with nothing more than Sculpey Polymer Clay. Class article: 9434283
Class length: 1 session, 2 hours
Class Fee: $20."

Michael said...

Thanks for the info!

Maybe they'll get them in, eventually. :o)

Dez said...
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