Sunday, January 13, 2008

ColourLovers patterns--

This isn't necessarily related to polymer clay, but you could apply it to clay., a website I've mentioned a few times before as one good place to find color schemes (or generate your own), now has a pattern feature. You can choose from a number of patterns (everything from flowers to plaid) and select the colors you'd like for different elements of the design.

Just be aware that it's addictive:

Psychedelic Spring
Flashing Waves
Librarian's Plaid
Watermelon Polka

Here's another cool feature that I just now noticed: If you find a palette (or pattern-- or just a single color) that you lovelovelove, you can easily select it for your desktop background. Just look for "Get This Pattern Image"-- or "Palette Image" or "Color Image", depending on what you're looking at-- to the right of the pattern, palette or color. What a great way to remind yourself of a great palette that you want to incorporate into your next project!

Hope everyone's had a wonderful weekend! :o)

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