Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Studio by Sculpey

I just finished reading a few different bloggers' opinions of the new brand of polymer clay-- Studio by Sculpey. (Angela-- aka CraftyGoat-- has a review, as well as a few links to other bloggers' opinions.)

Angela writes that from what she's heard, Studio (or am I "supposed" to call it by its full name, Studio by Sculpey, every time? (g)) will be sold at JoAnn stores, but not Michaels. I wonder what the chances are of Hobby Lobby carrying it? Pretty slim, I'd imagine, but it'd be so great if they did. The nearest JoAnn stores aren't very convenient for me, so I hardly ever go. I wouldn't mind trying the new clay, but honestly, I'm even more interested in the tools. (g) The "Style and Detail" tools look particularly interesting. I also like some of the shape cutters and texture sheets.

I was going to write that I wondered what the price range would be for the tools, as I didn't see any of the Studio stuff up on the JoAnn website, yet. However, the retail prices are listed at MunroCrafts.com. The Style and Detail tools (set of three) are listed for $10. . . The set of four blades with handles is $12.99. . . The textures sheets (2 per set) are $7.99 for each set (kind of pricey). . . and I don't even see the shape cutters listed. So the tools aren't quite as expensive as I'd have expected (with the exception of the texture sheets).

It's always interesting when something new comes along, isn't it?


Angela said...

Thanks for the link, Michael.

Since I wrote the review, I've checked my local Hobby Lobby & JoAnne stores with no luck. Don't know if that means they won't be carrying it -- or just that it takes a while for a new product to get rolled out everywhere. Online stores may be the quickest way to get it for the time being.

Have to agree with you on the tools -- they look like pretty good for the price. Hope they're as well-made as they look!

Michael said...

I'll be keeping a eye open for them around here, too.

kraphti-dez said...

Hi Michael, I agree with rpm, you might want to call the store and ask if they have the Studio in. I accidentally found it in one of our stores here in Nashville...no where near the other clay products at all...what's up with that? I'm waiting for a sale before trying the Studio.