Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back to the old tried and true-- sort of.

After experimenting with a few "new to me" techniques (i.e. making my own texture sheets-- and using them-- making "galaxy beads"-- and working on "ghost image" mokume gane, which I'd never done before), I've gone back to my old tried and true method of mokume gane.

Well, sort of. I tried a new color theme in this latest batch of mg. But really, that's the norm. I don't think I've made two mg blocks with the exact same color combinations, so far, and I probably never will! There are simply too many possibilities for me to want to repeat something, yet.

I just finished sanding the beads I made from about half of the mg block. All that's left is to buff them. That's when the real magic happens with the translucent clay turning to glass (almost), so I'm looking forward to it-- but the beads (and my poor waterlogged hands) need to dry before I can move on to that step.

Whenever I can bring myself to even think of sanding again ;o) the results of my "ghost image" mg (well, that's what I've been calling it in my head, but it's really just a very thin sheet of mg that's been stamped and shaved) still need to be lightly sanded (on the sides, if nowhere else) and buffed a bit.

And sometime next week I'll need to set up the camera and take some photos of these latest efforts. In the meantime, I ought to look up my notebook and see what's next in line for the website texts I need to write. I'm thinking I'll skip color theory for now. It's just way too big of a subject-- and there are apparently so many different ways of looking at it that I'm not sure what to include and what to leave out...

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