Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Getting things started...

Hi there, and welcome to my polymer clay blog!

Though I haven't blogged before, I'm not new to on-line publishing. I've kept some sort of on-line journal for five years or so, now. I still have one going-- visit www.mossyowls.com to see it-- but I didn't want to run my (few) readers off by jabbering about polymer clay and other crafty things non-stop, since most of them aren't into clay. Besides, a blog devoted just to polymer clay and crafts-- where I could let myself go wild writing about anything and everything... It seemed like a fun experiment. :o)

I really don't know exactly how this blog is going to look a few months down the road, but my (somewhat nebulous) plan is to make this a place for polymer clay related rambles, links to on-line stuff I like, lists, scrambled together ideas and "what if"s, and just about anything that comes to my mind. I'm a devoted note-taker and list-maker, and I'm looking forward to extending my polymer clay notebooks into the digital realm.

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