Wednesday, January 03, 2007

There's been a whole lotta linkin' goin' on!

Last night, I spent some time adding some links to the sidebar. Some of them I've been reading for a while, some I visit from time to time, and a few are totally new to me. I tried to stick mostly to blogs and websites with a focus on polymer clay, but some are more clay-centric than others...

For a daily dose of polymer clay art, I suggest Polymer Clay Daily. The author, Cynthia Tinapple, can be counted on to post something polymer clay and/or art-related nearly every day (except on weekends, I think). You never know what might turn up there, so it's a fun way to get your creative juices flowing.

Oh, and here's something new-- Maggie Maggio, a polymer clay artist who teaches color theory (as it pertains to clay), has a new blog. Read along to pick up some tips on how to use color to your greatest advantage.

As for the others, well, I'll let you check them out for yourself. ;o)

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