Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Not today...

With less than twenty minutes left until 5 p.m., I've decided that the tables simply aren't coming today.

This is rather annoying, considering that the e-mail notification specifically stated that they would be delivered today, sometime between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. So after waiting and waiting all day today, I'm left to wonder whether they'll deliver them tomorrow-- the next day-- or ever. Maybe I need to call the help line tomorrow morning, to make sure there wasn't a mistake somewhere along the line.

Honestly, I'm so tired of faulty delivery systems!! Why can't they do what they say they'll do? Why such incompetence?! If they know it's going to take a day or two more, why not just give that later date from the get-go, rather than leading us to believe (or at least hope) that we'll receive the item on an earlier date?

I know (I guess) that they aren't doing this "on purpose", but it does seem that every time I'm expecting a package, it takes longer than it's supposed to-- and oftentimes, there's some bizarre mix-up somewhere. Either they can't find my house (which isn't really that hard to find), or they can't find my post office (or supposedly no-one is there when I know good and well there must have been people there), or something else weird happens to delay the arrival.

Ok, I guess I've grumbled enough (for now). It won't bring the tables here any faster (well, not unless I'm grumbling to someone over the phone-- that might make some difference!), but I still needed some sort of outlet. This has been a cold, dreary day, and I'm annoyed that I spent the whole time waiting for something that never came. Plus I'm probably a bit tired after my late night last night. And I have one or two other things on my mind-- such as, if I have to go pick up the car from the mechanic tomorrow, there won't be anyone here to receive the tables. So anyway, I'm grumbly. It happens, sometimes. ;o)

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