Friday, January 12, 2007

New photos up at Flickr...

Along with the faux stone and faux metal pendants I mentioned in my last entry, I've uploaded lots of other new photos to my Flickr account.

Some of the stuff is "older", because I haven't taken photos of my clay stuff for quite a while. There are lots of pics of mokume gane beads and pendants, since that's one of my favorite techniques. There are also a few older attempts at faux metal and faux stone. You'll also find some closer-up photos of the "Galaxy Beads" I made.

There's also this picture of the shawl pin I made:

Remember, I wrote about shawl pins just a day or two ago, surprised to find that someone else was making similar objects from polymer clay-- and actually had photos of them on-line. I've drawn up lots of ideas for different shapes and sizes and styles of these. (The notes have been in my idea notebook for at least a year, I think.) Now I just need to get around to trying out a few of them. I think next time I'll make one out of something other than faux opal. For one thing, I'm getting out of the opal craze I went through for a while. For another, faux opals need lots of sanding and buffing, and that was kind of a pain, with this donut shape.

Mmm, donuts... I almost forgot that there are two of them sitting in a box on the coffee table, waiting for dessert tonight. Krispy Kreme-- yummy!! :o)

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