Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lumina clay

A while back, there was a link at Polymer Clay Daily to the work of Camille Young. Her floral pins have a wonderful delicacy to them that I can't help but admire (though I do wonder how hard they are to keep dust-free, with all those crevices). However, she works not with regular polymer clay (which must, of course, be baked to harden) but with an air-dry clay-- Lumina. She demonstrates the flexibility of the finished product on her blog.

I am hesitant to start up with a new medium just yet-- partly because Lumina clay isn't as easy for me to find locally-- but I see no reason why I can't take inspiration from her delicate florals and bring them to regular polymer clay. Indeed, I have seen polymer clay artists create similarly thin works from familiar brands of clay. I guess I just don't have that confidence in the strength of the medium, yet. I started with a weaker brand of clay, had a couple of things break early on, and have been nervous ever since. I should also remember that, as wearable art, my creations don't always have to be able to withstand rough handling. I can simply let it be known that they must be treated with reasonable care.

So, anyway, a big fan of her florals! Beautiful work! :o)

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midoridesignshawaii said...


once you try this clay, you will love how it feels and the amazing things you can make... i am won over by it and its durability for sure... joann's has it online for a pretty good price. enjoy!