Monday, January 15, 2007

Too much caffeine!

Even though my sugar-free sweet tea was half decaf, I guess it wasn't decaf enough to allow me to drink as much of it as I did and still get to sleep at a normal hour... So now I'm sitting up with a hungry tummy. (Am I the only one who turns ravenous if she stays up an hour or two past her bedtime? I could really go for a slice of pizza or something similarly bad for me...) However, eating now will probably only keep me awake longer, so I'm going to wait it out.

I haven't done any claying in the past few days. Part of the time, other obligations have kept me busy. And now my clay space has fallen into such disarray that I don't want to clay until I've put it back into order.

For once, the jumble isn't due to my habit of starting project after project and accumulating lots of "works in progress" (or more accurately, clay bits left over from completed works, waiting for me to make more completed works in the same style). Well, ok. There are several "projects underway" remnants on the clay table-- everything from tinted, glittered translucent from my opal-making enthusiasm to crackled paint on translucent clay from my latest experiment. But those could have been easily set aside or otherwise organized, were it not for The Renovation.

With the news that my sister-in-law and her S.O. will be coming to visit sometime in the next few months, I started thinking more seriously about what to do with the guest room situation.

Since my in-law's visit last year, which prompted us to turn the spare room into a full-fledged guest room, I've slowly but surely been taking over and turning it into a craft room. I moved in my clay table (a pitiful relic that was left in our old trailer by the previous owners), steadily filled up the chest of drawers with clay supplies, and covered the bed and floor with jewelry-making paraphernalia.

It had gotten to the point that the room really was "my" craft room; it just happened to have a guest bed and bureau in it! ;o) I decided (after some discussion with Donald) that it was time to convert the library/music room (seldom inhabited for more than five minutes at a time) into the new guest room and turn the former guest room into a craft/music room.

A couple of bigger craft tables are supposed to be delivered here tomorrow (Yay! Room to stretch!), and in the meantime, we've started the transformation. The former library/music room now has the bed, bureau, nightstands, and vanity in place, along with a couple of extras (including one of our full bookcases). Meanwhile, the craft room is... Well, right now, it's mostly just a cluttered mess, but it's a somewhat organized mess of clutter, and I'll work to set it to rights tomorrow morning. If the tables don't take too long coming, it just might be recognizable as a craft room by evening. ;o)

I think we have it all plotted out, as far as furniture placement goes. Donald helped me move the heaviest pieces of furniture this evening, and I hope that (if they even arrive tomorrow) I'll be able to move the new tables into place myself. If nothing else, I can at least move Donald's sheet music and some other books into the craft room bookcase and sort through the piles of stuff around the room.

Once I get the tables in place, I can really start to put the clay and jewelry supplies where they "belong"-- most of which is yet to be decided, based on how things look and feel at the moment. Then I'll look into decorating the room a little. Well, both of the rooms, actually. The guest room needs a little more wall decor, as does the craft room. I'm thinking I'll move the cork board tiles we have in the office (where they never get used or looked at) into the craft room, somewhere where I can see them while I work. There'll still be lots of room for adornment, so that should be fun. I'm thinking that something with hooks on it would be nice-- to give me places to hang completed necklaces. I'll have to see what we have around the house...

I have so many ideas bouncing around inside my head, it's no wonder I was having trouble getting to sleep, caffeine or not! ;o) But I think I might be able to coax myself into dreamland, now, so I'd better give it a try-- or else I might not be awake for the table delivery!

Now won't I be annoyed if the tables never come tomorrow!? ;o)

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